pc gamers ebu check out this nVIDIA monster,,, hata playstation kando!

WA! Nvidia Geforce gtx 960 what more can you want? hii hata playstation 10 itokee huko ma 2030 haitawai fikia hii kitu in terms of graphics and gaming. There aint nothing that this card cunt do or any heavy gaming in fifa, cod,sleeping dogs, pes and the likes in ULTRA HD MAXIMUM SETTINGS. And this guy is selling it very cheap ati 28k negotiable kwani ameiba? Geforce 960 upate wapi hata na 30k ama has he imported them? hii nainunua. ION; who knows where n the CBD I can buy an already built pc system with this type of graphics card?

ION; who knows where n the CBD I can buy an already built pc system with this type of graphics card?

ingine ndio hii; maaaaad![ATTACH=full]1656[/ATTACH]

wa! kuna hadi 980 imefika kenya? but hii bei nayo ziiii; but pc fanatics nao wanafika tu bei roho safi


Boss si niliwacha ukilia eti olx iko down.sasa umekuja hapa ku advertise olx.

ziii mtuangu hiyo site ina ufala sana in terms of uploading. it may take you a week to put up an AD; nivile some items are so cheap manze kwanza this card ive searched it for like 4 ever. am appreciating the product; the site is still shit in technicalities.


Boss sema tu unajiadvertice

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@Hash_Tag your are ill informed bout the GTX 960. Yes its a capable card but not to the extreme that you are making it to be. GTX 960 was launched to compete with Radeon R9 280. The new Maxwell architecture has an edge of the Hawaii counterpart on the power consumption department but its cheaper than GTX 960.

Why then is GTX 960 better? in the long run its a cheap card having in your rig as the monthly power bill will be kidogo as compared to R9 280. The card has a good overhead room of overclocking the card, if the GPU is liquid cooled, Nvidia GPU Boost 2.0 will do wonders to your frame rates per second on more graphic demanding games like Crisis 3.

Conclusion, the card is good at $210 (Kes. 21,000 inclusive of taxes and shipping costs) with everything at Ultra settings on 1080p monitors, but , here is the catch, with the ever changing technological and gaming scene, this card will become obsolete in one year. 4K monitors are becoming cheaper by the day. you can get an ASUS 28’’ 4K monitor at $ 270. I know for a fact if you go to china you can this things at a cheaper price. Buy the can if you are comfortable changing it in 2 years time, coz most A title games it will struggle to play.

Ma advice buy a GTX 970. This card can do 50+ FPS on medium to Ultra game settings and the running cost are not that high as compared to cards at its price and performance bracket. You can achieve the above FPS on 2k or 4k resolutions.

@cypher 254 did i hear you right saying that the card might become obsolete in a years time? What of people using geforce gtx 650 or gtx 700 series? I know a guy with a gtx 650 and he’s playing all games on ultra hd flawless gaming with zero drops in fps! I dnt foresee the card being rendered useless anytime soon. Have u seen the geforce gtx titan?

@cypher am looking for an already built tower system with the gtx card. Are u into the biz?

@Hash_Tag depends how much you want to spend on the rig. I build rigs for people and advice where i can.

When i say obsolete i do not mean that you can not play games with the card… nooo… very far from it, you will still play but at reduced settings. i realy doubt your guy using GTX 650 is doing 1080p at ultra for butter smooth fps. i know if we bench mark his system using 3Dmac the average FPS will be below 15 FPS. Check online for reputable gamers they will tell you a good gaming experience is when your machine is averaging at 60+ fps, that daent mean that games at 30fps are not player-able. Games are evolving and and they are becoming graphic demanding. Try playing Crysis 3 on a gtx 650 at ultra settings.

Titans are in a different class on its own. there is a new one called Tiatan X. Titans are not really for gaming, but for studios that are doing some heavy 3D rendering and mind blowing special effects. Titans are the cheaper versions of quadros.

Hope i have made maself clear.

yeap quite clear. Ive read on intel site that they are also catching up with their just released intel hd 6000 series. From the description i think theyre also ascending but i doubt they’ll ever catch upto nvidia which always seems to be miles ahead of them. But we never know wacha tuone intel watafika wapi

Intel is all bout CPUs, graphics comes as an add-on for akina dell and hp the guys that assemble stuff in bulk and for pple doing mild Photoshop. They are really not challenging the status of nvidia as the king’s for now.

Radeon are the real challengers of Nvidia.