Has anyone been experiencing issue of late? I can’t make any payments on both Visa(KCB) and Master card (DTB). I keep getting this error:-

We couldn’t complete your purchase, because the card issuer declined the card Visa x-ABCD. We’ve chosen another payment method for you. Please continue with this payment method, or choose a different way to pay.

The bank says the transaction was declined cause CVV2 was missing.

Is the master

card giving the same error? I havent used it in a very long time but i remember there used to issues with visa.
I also came across this early today. Good to know though:

kcb systems have been shitty recently…like tuesday evening and most wednesday morning the ATMs were down. if it wasn’t for a little cash i had on mpesa i’d have slept kwa street tuesday…

Visa is shitty