Anyone intrested i. this service to inbox me, i accept both verified and unverified paypal cash, and will Mpesa you your cash. inbox me

Keep your sweat house business to your pathetic self.
Unafanya biashara ndogo kama ya panya


so a tuk tuk bussiness is a large bussiness?? enda oshwa mccoundu nikufire

Hehehe be humble!

Cheza chini kathee

You will loose your hard earned cash to wakora, google about what paypal does to “unauthorized transaction claims”. Utaget very many horror stories.

I can login into my paypal account through VPN, send you a paypal deposit to your paypal account and after receiving the MPESA deposit. I can even wait for one week and the send an unauthorized transaction claim without using VPN. They will ask me and you for evidence. You will state that it was a paypal to MPESA service. The paypal buyer/seller protection does not cover such services.

Paypal will then withdraw the money from your paypal account and refund me the money. Even if you had already withdrawn the money and deposited it into your Equity account, they can take it. They may even shut down your paypal account and you may loose all the money in your paypal account.

Somebody tried to do the same shit to me, but I was lucky that I became suspicious and withdrew all the money from paypal and my equity account and also cancelled my master card, before the mkora made the paypal claim.

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thanks for the info.