PayPal is Mass Locking Accounts, Witholding All the Money

Who else is facing this issue? People with thousands of dollars in their accounts have been permanently locked out.
Edit: I think it’s a Kenyan issue.


Tema hiyo mate!!!

BTW, I upgraded to a business account Kitambo and uploaded my biz details, shida zikaishia hapo.

Bonobos ndio huwa wamelalia maskio. Hawa watu inafaa waform whatsapp ama telegram group, wa-contact law firms kama tatu huko US. There must be one that will agree to launch a class action lawsuit against Paypal, walipwe tens ama hundreds of millions of dollars.

weka screenshots banae
tuko na nokia 210

Location matters. IP address yenu iko bonoboland

I had a business account with legal documents and had even linked a bank account provided by Pioneer. It served well till the volumes of transaction were substantial. They started, mara weka your utility bill, government document, bank account statement, etc. Nikaweka zote. Still got a regret that the account was suspended in December 2020. Luckily I had already withdrawn kila kitu. When the demands start, you’ll be up against algorithms that don’t understand a thing or feel a thing for you.

Wamered flag Kenya juu ya Fraudulent activities, juja boys na High number of Nigerians in roysambu is to blame.

Cant login.

oya writers
na mukilipwa na bitcoin? inawezekana?

Yup. Someone asked to borrow my PayPal once, nikasema no. They asked if it was linked to Mpesa and if it had any good history. I buy a lot of small things from time to time on Amazon, so it’s very important, sitaki kuconnect card yangu huko. It all makes sense now.

I have had no such problems… And I don’t think it’s the volume because I get upwards of $100,000 in single payments when we flip websites… Sometimes much more.

I use Kenyan deets… Bank to everything else.

PP isn’t very AGAINST Payoneer virtual banks and it seems they are able to detect them… Especially the default First Century Account.

People have better experience with BOA… Request another dollar account from Payoneer and specify that you want BOA.

Ideally, though… You should be using local deets. Unless you are in the US, in which case I’d suggest you just get a ‘genuine’ account for linking purposes

Na niliuliza apa juzi, why tf would someone want to buy/rent a “bank account”

Ati “bro Acha nitume kakitu unitolee”…
Fungua yako ghasia!

They are using the criteria you mentioned above to determine how much they’re gonna offer you,

and the older and higher the account has handled the better it is for the seller, mind you we’re talking about local accounts sio izo ziko na details za watu wa US kina @Purple.