PayPal Expert Please Help!

Happy New 2021? I have a PayPal but nilisahau physical address how can i trace it? I can receive email notification but not phone SMS verification code

prepare to get shafted once you receive some cash in your Paypal account

Contacr @Elon mist siku hizi ako pale base ya Space X akiuza data na visions za mars …

Achana na paypal kijana. Your account will be limited

PayPal imeni frastrate jama, aki kama kuna plan B naeza endea mbio saana

Pesa iliingia wakaanza issues bana, so you know them?!

PayPal ni mameffi sana. I suggest you try Payoneer or TransferWise

issues gani tena? na vile nataka kufungua account Lol…

Itabidi ungoje 180 days, ama uambie client arequest refund then akutumie using other means like Send Wave

Fungua to but wako petty

Nataka ku cash out then niitupe kwa online payment system imarinate kabla gava watoe thuruari kushaft mbogi,paypal would suffice but after hii post nimegwaya, will payoneer sort me out?

PayPal always locks accounts from Africa until you visit their new York office

Yeah Payoneer hawana opuss ya kuweka doo ya wasee on hold. No Payoneer-Mpesa, unless dealing with dealers. For bank withdrawals, just do it during business hours, especially after around 8am. Utapata pesa in a few hours (hata 3 hrs). Money withdrawn during weekends itaingia after Monday

Tumia skrill wako poa kabisa bora verify your account. Kuna direct Skrill to mpesa na rate zao ziko sawa kabisa.

Qiuck one. So haitaingia mpesa? Sitaki kuwacha footprint lest K[SIZE=1]enya[/SIZE]R[SIZE=1]aping[/SIZE]A[SIZE=1]gency [/SIZE][SIZE=4]wanikamue. Lazima ni withdraw kwa personal account? Ama kuna njia zingine?[/SIZE]

Ni bank tu. Ukitaka ya mpesa jaribu skrill thouvh hao huweza kuweka doo on hold