Paukwa?- Pakawa!, Sahani?- Ya Mchele!, Kiboko?- Cha mtoto Mkorofi!!!

Hapo zamani za kale;
Way back in the mid nineties when i was in Highschool and when many loudmouths in KTalk were still in their nappies,i was suspended from Highschool for a misunderstanding between me and the Teacher on Duty over an alleged case of “Monolisation” that the teacher claimed to have witnessed and had me as the main perpetrator.- (He walked in as i was helping the poor Monos escape a kichapo out of the goodness of my heart for Crying out loud!)

Anyway,i got 2 weeks Suspension from school thanks to the Zero Tolerance Policy recently introduced to deal with “monolisation”

What to do with 2 weeks at home when all your friends are at school and everybody leaves early in the morning for work and you are left in the company of local mboches ,watchmen and shamba-boys?!
I found myself “nyemelea-ring” the mboches in my neighborhood and one in particular took my fancy.
Njoki was my immediate neighbors mboch and she was around 23. She was so cute and from Muranga and although i was 15,we always seemed to have alot to talk about over the fence most times in the day. It wasnt long before i noticed her tits and she was kind enough to let me touch them and even twitch her nipples But only as long as stayed on our side of the fence.
Our “romance” escalated pretty quickly and one day she promised to invite me round to her house when the kids she was looking after went for their afternoon nap.
The plan was that she would leave the backdoor open at exactly 3 pm and that she did not need to invite me the cue card was the open door at exactly 3 PM.
It must have been the longest afternoon of my life as i waited in anticipation for saa tisa and i remember having a hard-on as early as 12 midday just imagining what would come of it all.
By 2 PM i was on my side of the fence walking up and down with my heart beating in my mouth with anxiety and excitement.
True to her word,at around 2.56 (i had my watch) the blue door to the rear of the house flung open and Njokis head appeared and she beckoned me to come in. Mimi huyo juu ya the sengenge fence and like a flash i was in the house.
Njoki was wearing a Leso only and without a word spoken,she whisked me into the Master Bedroom in the house. I was abit apprehensive but she promised me that it was the best bet juu the kids were on the other side of the house and that the owner of the house never came back until after 7 in the night.
Njoki was as horny as hell and she knew exactly what she wanted so it wasnt long until the Leso was laid on top of the bed and she invitingly spread her legs and i was standing there all the while with zero sexual experience waiting for "instructions". Dont get me wrong; i had done it before but only as far as “kuguzisha”
So this time when i went to “guzisha”,Njoki suddenly pulled me in by my Butt cheeks and before i could scream out loud,my cock was in this moist,warm,slippery place that i had never been before!..
I was a total virgin and had never even enjoyed a decent wank so when the warmth of this slippery hole between Njoki`s legs turned into something rather enjoyable, i got into a rythmn of “in and out” and i pumped away almost like a seasoned pornstar which Njoki seemed to enjoy…

Good things dont last forever and without warning i recall vividly feeling as though a huge Bolt of electric current had run down my spine from between my ears and straight into my Johnstone and for about 30 seconds,i thought i had been electrocuted! Njoki pushed me off her and if she hadnt mentioned “guita” (kumwaga) i could have sworn that my cock had been electrocuted.
I left that house feeling like the King of the Jungle and as i jumped over the fence back to my own compound,i longed for my suspension to be over so that i could get back to school and brag to my best friends about my Sex-capades.
Me and Njoki continued to enjoy our sexual “Liasons” for the next few days until on the Fourth Afternoon Mama mwenye nyumba Busted us!!!

…To Be Continued…


Nice hekaya


I wld have luved it ,if you only started with the Busted part…:frowning:

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Your first child is how old now? 20yrs?

You’d be 35…



uliingia kavu mtu nguyas

Latex was a rare commodity down the slopes. Nice hekaya senior.

good one. i can relate. most of us broke our virginity hivyo tu, kwa kuangukia…


I hope hakupata ball and i`m actually older than thate fae,…

Hehe… nice hekaya.

Spare a thought for that mboch. Probably, she’s somewhere married with 8 kids and languishing in poverty.

Wengine wetu tukiwa high school HIV ilikuwa bado haija touch… Ilikuwa ni hekaya. The biggest health threat was kaswende… hence rubber was extremely rare.

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hii na save ntasoma kesho lunch time

@Ka-Buda,for once Una hekaya believable

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kabuda you said u have 2 kids in Europe? i doubt it. buda una wa-junior wengi sana hapa inje hutambui, nice hekaya; leta za south africa na europe sasa

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from your hekayas since k-list i can conclude you have not less than 15 kids. umewacha mbegu mob sana hapa inje! and most prob u might never meet them! hauko solo; tuko kibao kabuda


Ooh my! I dont lock my bedroom. This has awaken me!

Now Let us hear the other side of this story… @Supu don, ati ulifungua mlango for fresh air halafu nini ilifanyika?

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:D:D:D:D:D:D mlango ipi? ya nyumba ama ya well?

He he, could you be related to Methusellah? HIV was discovered in the early 80’s.You can’t tell us you were still fucking then.

hehehe mboches inducted many people into this art