Paukwa?-Pakawa.... Kukutwa nikimanga mboch by the neighbor ..Part.2.

For the next few days,Me and Njoki got into the habit of meeting up in her employer`s house as soon as my parents had gone off to work.
I would jump over the fence as early as 8 Oclock in the morning,have a “quickie” and be back in time to clean the house and carry out my daily chores before 10 Oclock.
Njoki would then leave the back door to her house open again at 3 PM which signaled that she was expecting me for our Afternoon trysts when the kids she was minding would be enjoying their afternoon naps.

This carried on for three days but it was all about to go wrong on the Fourth day.
It was a Friday and as usual me and Njoki were in the Master bedroom of the house busy at it and i must mention i was getting better everyday and Njoki seemed to appreciate that i just didn`t leave her “hanging” after i came and that i made an effort to Last a bit longer after ejaculating which i now understand gave her a chance ti cum herself.

In the midst of a very passionate moment of love-making and in the dead silence of the afternoon we heard the Front door open and the owner of the house was whistling away and calling Njokis name as she mad her way to the kitchen. I jumped off Njoki and slid under the bed as fast as Njoki could dress up,tidy the bed up and walk out of the bedroom to answer her Boss. Now i am hiding under my neighbours bed and all sorts of things are going through my mind; She is a very good friend of my mum so there is no way i am not going to get reported. I am on suspension from school so she won`t even be expecting me to be around never mind being under her bed and i am sure she would have probably called the chief or someone seeing the age difference between me and Njoki. However this turns out,it is not looking good for me…

A s i lie on my stomach under the bed listening to the beating of my heart and trying to contain the voice from my breathing,Mama Bobi walks into the bedroom and she proceeds to undress while throwing her “work clothes” on the bed oblivious to my prescence… She then sits on the bed and as i look at her feet literally inches away from me her hand does a sweep of the floor and she calls Njoki again… “Njoki,umeona slippers zangu?”…
I can`t wait for her to find her slippers and get out and as i literally hold my breath i hear Njoki from the other end of the house yell out …“Umeangalia chini ya kitanda?”…
JESO!!!.. What is wrong with Njoki?,Kwani amesahau niko chini ya bed!!!.. KWISHA!!!

I also quickly realise that i am actually lying on the slippers and as fast as Mama Bobi almost leans over to look for them , i manage to quietly slide them up from under my leg so that she Just about feels them with her hands as she leans over.!..
She proceeds to change into her “home clothes” and as she wraps a leso around herself,i get an eyeful of her thighs. She then walks out of the room whistling away and as soon as she closes the door to the Sitting room ,i tip-toe through the kitchen and Njoki ushers me out as she makes a cup of tea for her Boss.
Usain Bolt would have struggled to catch up with me as i Gallopped over the fence and Counted my blessings…
What a close shave?!..


I expected some drama. Edit the post. Pleeeasee


Hekaya msuli


Hizi hekaya zimekuwa nyingi sana siku hizi, lakini ni sawa tu picha zitakuja tu.

I expected the story to go this way." Mama Bobi busts me and to buy her silence insists that i need to bang her…" story kama ya magazines za @highschooler.


…“Umeangalia chini ya kitanda?”…

I saw that coming


Well, i still believe you but this story was anticlimactic ile mbaya…i was expecting a CFNM conclusion with mama bobi giving you a rao and some vibokos as punishment

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Andikeni Hekaya zenyu pia nyinyi.
Kwani ni nani mnalipa muandikiwe Hekaya?
Don`t you have stories about your past that you feel like sharing kazi yenyu ni kujifanya Judges and Critics?


I am still on strike writing hekayas until the ladies give us their true stories as well.

Hehehe… Good one. I can only imagine the tension after Njoki almost sold you out. You didn’t swear never to repeat such a thing after hiyo siku?

I closed my other handles coz my hekayas attracted more criticism than appreciation. And trust me when I say I. had the best hekayas in klist and ktalk


:D:D:D This meme has been overdone but man…pewa tu

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fan #1, good job kabuda

Boss buda, Dont stop writting. The critics sharpen ur skills

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Tupatie ingine,nitakuwa nikikuja kusoma hekaya na comment[ATTACH=full]10758[/ATTACH]

Kamau was sitting at a doctor’s waiting room with a nasty cough. The guy sitting next to him said, “I knew a guy who had a cough like yours and he died.”
“What was it?” Kamau asked. “Was it AIDS… or TB?”
“No, he was hiding under his neighbour’s bed at the time.”


Your hekayas remind me of mabenda. Anyway boss complete that part when the mdosi removed a monster dildo from beneath the bed just next to the slippers. And proceeded to a solo violation of her glory hole. Blah blah nimechoka kutype kwa simu


Seems everyone has his own ending.

That is epic. Yani ulikula vitu na pia ukaona beshte ya mamako ndedhe!. Alafu mtu anasema heaven iko kwa sky and not on earth.

and i am sure she would have probably called the chief or someone seeing the age difference between me and Njoki
So. Who was older?