Patricia kihoro


Been watching her vlogs pale youtube She seems ok. Hadi 35 and not taken. DCI what am I missing

Sharon Mundia

…you are missing a rabid feminist whose ‘standards’ would never allow her to date ‘dusties’ .

i agree it must have something to do with her standards

Hakuna standards hapa hii ni lele bana

videos are edited. You can’t edit your personality in real life. Plus not many people are willing to get entangled with this mini celebrities. Most Kenyans are laid back and hate the lime light

You have no idea how delusional some of these women are .They want a man who can finance their expensive habits and live a jet set lifestyle without the accountability that comes with being someone’s sugarbaby .

Come I give you one from my pool of 18-24yrs, hii story ya kuglorify post wall with nonsensical statements like “She seems ok.” hatutaki hii mwaka

Tulisema,coomer,oxygen na free will hazina bei,they should come naturaly. Expensive lifestyle akaulize baba yake amusupport

Kwani ni lazima aolewe?

Ako sawa huyo mrembo

Hapa utapata standards kibao sana ukuwe mgonjwa bure

Patricia :D:D:D:D:D:D:D

senior bashela enda pata jiko

Maybe she is still traumatized. Tukiwa campo after one of those funkies at students centre aliendewa chain chain na vijana kwa flower beds as she was staggering to the hostel.

Feminism itamaliza hawa madem.

kwani huwa anasugua masufuria…why the name supabrite

Huyu dem alikua J?

Yes, then she was a fresher first year.

Damn, the things you read here