Patricia is breathing fire

:D:D:D:D Tom analilia Kwa kinyozi [ATTACH=full]343048[/ATTACH][ATTACH=full]343049[/ATTACH]

Boss, aren’t you fatigued by the gey crap?

We have been petitioning hii ghassia ipigwe exile huko Siberia but it seems it owns the site

Why petition when block works like a charm

Even of u block a faggot and I’m someone else thread, a person you havent blocked replies his gayy comment you Definitely see. So te Ghassia should be exiled

Ati breathing fire, iyo fire iwezi ata chemsha kachai.

The rabid shemale you speak of has immunity as an admin. Cunt do anything about its g.ay ways.

Flaming faggot… tuliblock io saitan kitambo.

This shit ain’t even funny. Just tribalism crap.

So petty

Why is he in-haling fire?

Peleka story mos mos please

Wacha niblock hiyo takataka

wacha niblock yeye

@BADASS katombwe na @T.Vercetti utulie aki whisper his homosexual jokes in your ears

Gaaaay chieth

Nyamaza snoop dog doggy

Mwambie anyambe moshi tumtambue.

Peasant in Chief

Homosexual niaje… Leo morning glory umepewa na nani? Na @T.Vercetti ama @tall mnyama everywhere ama @Jobi4 ?

Kev the Kihiiiiiii