Pathetic kenyan drivers

Oh sorry, pathetic bonobo drivers. Kufika Nakuru ni shida. Overlapping kila mahali.

So turaukie 25th Mangware au?

Leta picha ukiweza

Nunua 4WD with strong suspensions na upitie panya routes

What is the status as at now…ama ushafika mashinani?

Can’t relate Sisi peasant wa skates tunapenya kupenya kama ambulance.

Chunga usipatane na mtu wa nduthi akipenya pia,we know too well nani ataumizwa na achapwe kichapo na the Nduthi gang

Manze na naingia narok cowntee hio 25th,so nitahave kuchomoka at 4am?

safari panga afte no jam hapa naivasha ndio ina clear saa hii

Nipe lift

Kama unaenda Narok tumia route ya Nairobi-Ngong then branch to your left and take the Suswa route and proceed to Narok.Hio lami imemalizwa.

I plan to travel kesho early morning via Nakuru. Nipeni ideas elders. Will I manage by 7am kufika Naks. Natoka 4am

I think its unpredictable considering that everyone is trying to beat the curfew by leaving at that exact 4am.

Started at six na ndo nafika kericho

Ilikua kubaya, serious concentration needed.

Anza 4am… you’ll beat it juu you’ll be among the frontiers

Huwezi toka 5am,sitaki tubishane kwa barabara.I need the road for.myself otherwise my new jalopy might overheat

Hehe, lala…by 4am nitakua Limuru

Talking of this, police wanasumbua watu? considering covid rules za number of passengers

Nilipata hii forward kwa wozzap group fulani not sure if it’s helpful?

For those traveling to Western Kenya, passing through Nakuru and Eldoret, mid-town is a nightmare due to the traffic. Thanks to the Government, there are bypasses to avoid this.
Exit the highway at the interchange at Hotel Kunste and take the Nyahururu road under the flyover. Drive past Nakuru High, the first exit off that road on your left is the bypass that takes you through Milimani towards the Showground. You exit it along the Kiamunyi-Kabarak road at National Oil Petrol Station. You have a choice to stay on that road or go back to the highway at the Westside/KFA Roundabout - you may get into traffic again though. I advise taking the Kabarak route through Menengai road and join the highway at Sobea or Eldama Ravine and join the highway at Makutano. If you know the slip road through Mustard School just after Kiamunyi you can join the highway just after the Njoro interchange at Soilo. Google Maps is your friend.
Exit the highway towards Noble Hotel or at St. Matthew’s Church if making a stop at Rupa Mall. Go towards Moi Girls High School and just at the Railway is Mandago Road, take that to the end and take a right toward the PCEA church, take the left. It’s a direct road, you will get to a T-junction (signpost to Kiplombe), a left and you will exit at just before Soy Market and join the Kitale road, the road is well marked. Again Google Maps is your friend.
CAUTION: Keep the 50km zones otherwise you will detour at Timboroa to the Police Station before you proceed. Cash bail is Ksh. 5,000. Drive carefully, don’t try to match your madness with the mad man- they are littered all through the highway, get home safe.
Safe Safari and Blessed holiday!!