PATCO: When's Your Woman's "Good Riddance" Party?

My Eulogy:


The Genius of Sarah Huckabee Sanders:
As White House press secretary, Sarah Huckabee Sanders failed the public. Sanders didn’t just defend the president from the effects of his own statements; she offered herself as a kind of prosaic presence whose function it was to act like anything Trump did, no matter how shocking, was no big deal. She exemplified the stolid approval Trump wanted for everything from family separations to tax cuts for the rich. As her tenure ends, we can now see how much her reliance on reassuring phrases like “make a determination”—and unblinkingly calling lies differences of opinion and hush payments not worth discussing—provided a kind of muted laugh track to the terrible show being forced upon America. Rather than laugh at unfunny jokes, she loyally normalized despicable conduct.
In an era characterized by “White House in chaos” headlines, her repressive calm served an essential function. “Sanders possesses a unique talent that, heretofore, has not quite been considered a talent: She can deaden a room,” Jason Schwartz wrote at Politico. As a public servant, Sanders was abysmal. As a public speaker, she was subpar. But as the first line of Trump’s defense, she was absolutely indispensable. Her departure also means one less woman playing a particular role on the front lines of the Trump-is-normal campaign. Kellyanne Conway was the first to deploy a particular form of unflappable femininity in the service of making Trump’s feelings and actions palatable to the public.
Trump seems to need this. His masculinist fantasy of himself is structurally dimorphic; it requires an approving female presence to authorize and excuse and interpret.

hii mwanamuke iko thate fae na inakaa sevente fae getting paid 165,000 ndorras from tax payer money
to come and lie to them every time she speaks,she cant even keep a straight face:D:D:D:D:D

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:D:D:Dati keep a straight face

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Is this the time you’re realizing she’s a bitch?

This woman can have a litter of cats and tell you you’re the father!

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Faux News Reacts to “Liberal Celebration” of Sanders’ Exit… :D:D:D

[SIZE=7]Michael Goodwin: Hypocrites get last kicks at Sarah Sanders, slobbering over her White House exit[/SIZE]

Sarah Sanders had it coming. If she wanted the respect of the Washington press corps and a fat corporate job after leaving the White House, she should have worked for a Democrat.
But she chose to be the press secretary for the Worst Human Being Ever, so she deserves the mud bath she’s getting on her way out the door.

Go back to Arkansas, you hick, you lying Republican rube. Besides, as a woman and mother, how could you work for him?

That pretty much sums up the tone of the coverage that greeted Sanders’ announcement that she is leaving after two years on the firing line. There was neither fondness nor civility and none of the usual willingness to let bygones be bygones when the day is done.
This was personal and it was cruel.

Watch video here:

Sarah Sanders is stepping down as President Donald Trump’s press secretary after serving as the public face of the White House during some of the administration’s most contentious chapters.
Trump, who announced the news Thursday, described Sanders as a “warrior” and hinted that she might follow in her father’s foot steps and run for governor of Arkansas, her home state.
“She’s tough,” Trump said at an event at the White House. “But she’s good.”