Warning :-hakuna mbicha i overheard this kwa radio at noon.a pastor from kahawa west has been taken to custody after a man came forwad and said he was sodomised by the pastor.the reason the pastor used was that since the man was jobless ,he was possesed by demons and if he opens his boot demons will fly away and the guy will get a after one week there were no job offers and the man decides to report the pastor.hata kama ni kukosa kazi hawa pastors ni too picha iko kwa radio.

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hehe stupid man, how does a sensible man allow that ?

hehe stupid man, how does a sensible man allow that ?

wajinga ndio waliwao

And that’s how they’re able fo ferk chics and even married women in their congregation.

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True that

that must be @uwesmake

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ha haa. ati the man was atwolified so that he gets a job

Huyo inakaa hata akipatiwa kazi atapotezea mwenye alimwandika pesa juu ya ujinga.

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Waah!another level of stupid blindness

huyo ni @Njamba Huthu


the guy is courageous to expose him, you can imagine how many he has violated and kept quiet because of shame. Seek first the kingdom of God and the rest will be given unto you. jesus was also not after the earthly kingdom or possession

Huyo anafaa atumiwe Mauki wamkate makei.

Station gani?


Huyo mtu aseme ukweli yeye na pastor walikua wapenzi…pastor amepata mwingine

At if he opens his boot the demons will fly away… hehe he must have wanted it too… … that’s fake

divine intervention…kwa mcundooo.
Two fools indeed…