Pastor Arrested for stealing a nduthi

Black Africa should be one borderless mass. We are the same. Who biwitched us?

Speak for thyself

And another broke into a nearby church to steal their sound system coz he needed it to preach in his church.

Your English teacher.

English not my tongue.

And your finger too.

Correct. Same as my everything. Happy now?

God works in mysterious ways.

Mysterious indeed :smiley: Defo from gatodo, twa…twa, lubbish

Nimereport biwitched Kwa turdmean.[ATTACH=full]274616[/ATTACH]

Taking my

Taking my typo issue too far. Kwani hii kizungu ni ya mama yako? Make yourself busy, ok?

Enveee kafirwa mcoondu. Mtoto ya umbwa

So gay! We do not do that. Vulgar, violent means you are a poor, filthy slum dweller. Your mother taught you mambo ya kufungua boot? Mwambie yeye ni bitch (for me), that was not fair to you.