How long does it take to obtain a passport? mention at least 10 working days. Is this true ama ni kutaja tu?


I applied mine through ecitizen one week ago… Bado status iko SUBMITION.

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I got mine in less than a week, shida ni kuna mtu atakula nyama shoma or screw a hoe on your bill somewhere in Nairobi

But it was way back in 2009

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@Ebru ati injera atalipa mirrion ngafi kwa kuandika lense ya wenyewe?

Nionyeshane na huyo mjamaa. Shida yangu hukuwanga kubwa kiasi: I lost my original birth certificate. To replace (going by my age) it has been problematic as am always referred from one district hospital to another. …help!

Inaitwa greasing hands…

will try make contact its been six years

pia mi nadai ppt

Online application complete. Status=Submissions.

Have you submitted your forms at Nyayo House? How was your experience? The queue?

they say ten days but without any intervention, it will take about two months. I got mine in two days back in 2009 after paying just 2000. The brokers are the workers there. I was referred to one mama who asked for 1k in advance and after one day she called to say it was ready. Their mode of operation is take your application in front of the queue. Haupangi hata mlolongo.

I got my passport in 2 weeks back in 2011. Print documents zote from online then fill them kisha ujipeleke Nyayo House ulipe kyenye unalipa then ungoje 2 weeks urudi uchukue passport yako.