Passport application

Anyone with information please. Does the immigration office in Nakuru process and issue travel passport?
Thanks .

all i know is that una apply kwa ecitizen kwanza… ina sign-iwa na kustampiwa, unapeleka kwa advocate then unapeleka unapigwa passport na kuwaachia na birth certificate… then you wait…

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Wrong forum

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reta maneno inbox mchamaa na useme unaitaka na Siku ngapi



Will it be the new one ??

Jibuni hii swali .

KAMA hauna birth certificate?

Wanubi si wakenya

walisema new one ni from sept, i think

  1. Go to the online portal and initiate the application to the last step which is making payments.
  2. Visit Nairobi, Kisumu or Mombasa Immigation offices with all the requested docs
  3. Your docs are verified then a passport/ photo is taken and you are issues with some doc that you will use to come and collect the passport and birth certificate
  4. Passport collection.

NB. If you have a support letter it helps speed up the process. I got mine in a day kule Ksm.

Also, make sure copies of your docs are certified since utahitaji photo copies za ids et al zako na wazazi.

Inquire kama kuna mtu kwenu anayo, it kind of hastens the process since ni kama kuna family file that is created.

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You don’t need an advocate (unless you freely want to supply someone lunch money for a day or two), just a recommender who’s Kenyan and with an ID.

copies of docs have to be certified

the ordinary one

right now they are processing the new ones… and it has two pages extra

whichever men bora uipate in time

how do you apply for this new one? Or replace your current passport to this e-passport?
coz on ecitizen i didnt see any mention of the new kind of passport

every application from today is for the new one

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Certified by who… the recommender only needs to give you a copy of their ID, and sign at the back of your passport photos… Just follow the instructions on ecitizen. Nowhere do they mention an advocate.