Passive income:Investment options

You have Kshs 20M in cash and you want passive income that you will be living off .What are the best investment options that can give a net of 8-10% PA on the principal apart from government securities ? rental units are out of the question .


@Azor Ahai kuja ambia jamaa juu ya rentals

Build low end rentals

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I got some. Nikisema Low end, namaanisha nyumba zinalipwa kama 3k…single rooms in your local town. Just basic. Stone walls. Utashangaa they are better in terms of ROI than those high end flats huku ruiru na kina Dohnholm

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  1.  5 million - Forex Trading (You must be highly trained and qualified to be a trader), the initial investment can double every 12 months!! 
  2.  6 million - Tea farm in Nandi Hills, average returns are about 35k per month per acre, inclusive of the annual bonus.In the remote areas, you can get an acre for 300k, so 6 million is about 15 acres of tea. 
  3.  3 Million - Sugarcane farm. This is a very lucrative venture nowadays, especially if you have a 10+ acre chunk of land. The problem with westerners is that they have subdivided their lands into very tiny uneconomical chunks. If you have 10 acres of land, and grow sugarcane on it, trust me, 18 months later you will be smiling to the bank. 
  4.  3 Million - NSE. Invest in bluechips like Safcom and identify 2 other leading companies to invest in. This is a long term investment. 
  5.  1 Million - 2 Ubers. This is just for your everyday pocket change and use at home. For this, you can be assured that everyday, you wont be lacking at least 4k daily. This is just for everyday sustinence. 
  6.  1 Million -  Holiday to Rome Italy, Zanzibar, Watamu, road trip to Addis Ababa
  7.  1 Million - gift to mom, girlfriends, bro and charity.

Patia DP uncle Ruto Ksh.10m ya campaign in 2022 akiingia ikulu huge rewards…
Remaining 10m import sugar thank me later…

Izi zako only number 4 is viable the rest are recipes for disasters.

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Try project notes from cytton ama thier money market fund.

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1,2 and 3 ni passive income kweli? But great points

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One time thing for the farms, trading is passive, you make 2-3 trades maximum per day

Mimi sio nyanya yako kijana. Usinitaje ovyo ovyo

Buy Standard Chartered shares at Ksh 190. Get Ksh 19 per share dividends. That’s 10% return fully passive income. You can throw in Williamson tea with a dividend yield of 13% p.a for diversification.

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Utakunywa Pilsner lightskin?

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A tea farm pays itself in a year? Really?

I like your effort but haujanijibu. Only 4 is passive, relevant to the query above and makes sense.

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It’s not even passive so let’s not even discuss the mechanics of tea farming

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Trading 2 or 3 times a day inakua passive ajr?

Peana investment advice ya positive cash flows urnde ukunywe pilsner ya kununuliwa.

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