Someone in this village. Please point me to where I can acquire a Stingray…
I need to force some policies in ICT in Kenya to be changed and this calls for Blackmail of highest order…which means I need to gather Dirt…and a Stingray is just the tool I need

Sawa tu. Lakini just be careful. Ukipatikana na CCU utajua hujui. Hao watu hawajalala pia, na wanaweza kushaft mtu mbaya sana.

Being utafika bro?[ATTACH=full]171875[/ATTACH]

Labda uibe Somalia, ama since diplomats are excempt for security checks; if uko na rafiki flani diplomat na ni mkora…lakini ukiwasha hiyo kitu wakutriangulate upatikane utasema ulitoa wapi?

And by the way, hiyo kitu ni $135K!?! Kweli?:eek:

I saw it on The Silk Road going for $75k na upuss juu.

Ntakuja vile ya kuficha. Piggy back on a frequency I found a loophole on. Still monitoring it…

Ask CS Keter, He was involved with something similar to what you wanna do, he was stopped by the NAK govt, and him being a politician then, the repercussions were not severe.
What about you, do you have any political backing ?

i would recommend this to you

Nimeclit, kumbe majamaa wako serious

I saw this but the equipment kupata ni stresssss… plus after every expoit you have to burn the equipment to avoid leaving footprints kila mahali.