Passaris smash or pass ?


Smesh - Khamzat Chimaev - style.

Nyanya mzee mkongwe. What is it with female politicians selling sexuality instead of policies?

Hawa ndio wanafaa kutetea wanawake against objectification?

From this angle… blue balls… [ATTACH=full]419129[/ATTACH]

gmo swafi

It’s media who focus on sexuality. Actually Passaris is very active in her community doing social services diligently. There’s few complaints from her constituents about her work.

Nice legs ,I wonder why some animals in homo sepian sepian kingdom turn into faggots .

Problem her kuchi has an old woman smell

How you know how an old woman kuchi smell like bruh?.. Ok.

Been there, done that

Fuckin’ sick.

Iko Kitu … :D:D


Huyu ni supuu kweli?


Again why women can’t be marketing persons. Dame amepoteza babake lakini it’s her photo on display.


Hii harufu sio mbaya sana

mkamba mshamba illiterate homosexual SEPIAN ni nini? ongea tu kikamba tutapewa translation

Ntakuja kukuwekelea taribo kwa hio matako yako chafu ,kwanza tafuta kazi hio written language yako ikusaidie . Huwa unalipwa kuishi ktalk 24/7 ?wanaume wakitengeneza pesa na kuruka na ndege kazi ni kucorrect watu Grammer na wewe ni masikini hohehahe:D chunga matako kijana

There is this lady I know in Kile who did work with Passaris some years back. That time she was in the marketing world. Met Passaris and just had to cut biz ties with her coz she realized whenever she (Passaris) had a good proposal that required some bigwig’s approval, she would use girls like her for leverage. Yeye mwenyewe…she was one time told to come for a meeting with some old but monied fellows for some marketing stunts but kumbe the deal was she would be taken for a fully paid vacay in Mombasa with one of the guys. In short, she was being pimped out as an escort. But it was years back…not sure if Passaris still uses same tactics to get her way. But just so you know, when it comes to media & sexuality, they aint entirely wrong about her.