Hi guys, i am a student and of late i have gone financially unstable, i can’t cater for my school fees because my dad retired and has spent all his little allowances paying for his 7 wonderful sons and daughters. Apparently our lastborn joined university previously and she will also need some fees for her first year. I no lpnger want to burden my dad and for this reason i would seek your help if anyone can connect me to a firm, company, ngo or any business apart from GIF, that can earn me a few bucks operating part time. Thanks in advance

Kijana ongea na morio hao hujaza mat uwajoin jioni ukitoka daro. Hutakuwa unakosa Jill ya konyagi.

vile @Wechez amesema

Jill ni pesa ngapi? Asking for my fossil self :D:D:D

200 bob