Parliament live proceedings

Do we expect a voice of reason, shall we see a peoples darling emerge from the sorry sods we elected.
how i miss the peoples watchman Martin Shikuku

Those reservations should returned to sender. I am waiting to see the list of parliamentarians who will vote with their stomach. Kwanza wangu anaitwa Wafula Wamunyinyi, akivote na tumbo namungojea Webuye na mawe.

it will be secret ballot
hawawes kubali tuwajue

but do you have the ‘balls’ to do it?

Why do you bring my balls into such a serious matter boss?


Which balls?


Homa Bay Woman Rep Gladys Wanga & Eldama Ravine MP Moses Lessonet in near punch-up in Parliament as MPs prepare to debate the controversial Finance Bill 2018.

I am listening to the debate, either I am lost or there is something sinister going on. The member for Mwingi Central just mentioned the VAT on petroleum products and the speaker cut him shot.

Who was on our side?

The stand was taken on Tuesday, sasa ni hubris comics. Bila lube. Tulicheka Ugandans with internet tax last year, here we are

:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Kenyan politics has been a game played by a few lost souls who’s best interest ain’t for the citizens no matter how well they sugar coat it. we are the elements in the board, the only power we got is deciding who wins the game, aftr which we never in control

[SIZE=1]utarusha hayo mawe conveniently via a keyboard from a classified location (nyairofi’s not so leafy suburbs)[/SIZE]:D:D:D



'O ye, of little faith ,ulihama jubilee juu ya vitu ndogo ndogo while the jubilee is embarking on tarmacking all roads in subcounty?

sijahama boss
nivile muthamaki ananiuthi

Chunga usipoteze the only kende in the melee

hapa list ya voting musijali tutapata , i have insider information