Parler Platform Face Shutdown As Servers Get Switched Off Tonight




These magaboons pressed ther wrong buttons

This is a great opportunity for other platforms to emerge to serve the 74 million Trump voters.

Twitter, Facebook, YouTube can serve the 80 million Biden voters.

The rest of the world can then chose whether to use the right wing or the left wing platforms.

Controlling the narrative is what they are doing…Sheeple.

Private companies do not owe you a platform

Parler has been around since 2018. If these conservatives really hated twitter that much they should have left a long time ago

The general right-wing discourse around the world points fingers at Big Tech and accuses them of being in bed with the left. Nothing could be farther from the truth. No sector today is as far from accommodating traditional left-wing concerns as Big Tech. They face minimal regulation, disrupt local economies and global supply chains at will, and operate with a general wild west mentality.

First, the gig economy deunionized the entire low skill workforce. It ended the system of employee benefits, health insurance, retirement plans and compensation for workplace-related injuries. In less than a decade, they have wiped out one hundred years of change in working conditions that the left argued for.

So why is the left not speaking out against this? Because Big Tech has learned from the mistakes of robber barons of the past. They have resolved not to fight the left, but to buy it out. For this, they have this thing called wokeness. If you give the left all the things they want in the so-called culture wars, they won’t challenge you on issues that matter.

Big Tech wants to grab everyone’s data, which is the big new gold rush. So you get all the media, intelligentsia and academia on your side by deplatforming a president they hate. He had only ten days left in his term, by the way.

Twitter is not a left wing platform.
It is an anti-hate speech platform.
Lots of right wingers with millions of followers on the platform.
They only get kicked out when they start preaching violence and hate.