Paris Saint-Germain striker Edinson Cavani 'rejects offer of €1m' from club to hand over penalty du

It’s a mad mad world…shait

[ul][li]Edinson Cavani and Neymar were involved in a penalty dispute last weekend [/ul][/li][ul][li]Paris Saint-Germain are yet to reach a solution to the public fall-out between pair[/ul][/li][ul][li]Cavani has rejected the club’s offer of €1million to pass over the penalty duties [/ul][/li][ul][li]Spanish daily El Pais claim that the PSG squad are backing Cavani on the matter [/ul][/li]
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Funny part is that he (cavani) missed the penalty on that day.

Zile siku nilikua nacheza ball zamani ukimiss penalty the distance between the penalty spot and where your team mates are standing is the longest mile you could ever walk, on a light note kuna boy wangu alipiga pena mpira haijawai patikana hadi wa leo !

Neymar should just let it go if his a star ata mu-outshine during playing time. But my worry is that neymar tends to be influenced easily especially by alves.

PSG (QSG) is at the point where Real was at before Mourinho went there where they had individual superstars but not a team. They will not go anywhere with that mentality


Having read that link, truth be told on Saturday I had a feeling Neymar was not injured. He might have kept himself away to teach them some lesson.

Let’s see what happens when he returns.

Meanwhile the comment section is on fire. Everyone is complaining about how cash has ruined football.

Huyo mwenzako alikuwa Elijah Masinde by any chance ?

You go to a new club, there is an order of doing things. There was a penalty taker and neymar will get his chance. Awempole.

Hio inaitwa discipline which reminds me of the war we had with newbies here sometimes back my rule has been that ukienda mahali stay in line your turn come halafu dressing rooms hukuwa na strict rules and regulations na seniority unakumbuka adebayor wakikosana sijui na nani just ya kukuja na flip flops kwa dressing room

I never knew that about dressing rooms

Cracks will start to appear in the team and everyone will take sides… Brazilian players (read Neymar and Alves) are not passing the ball to Cavani…Egos.

Cavani must have the poorest conversion rate, the number of chances the guy misses is mind blowing for striker at his level.

Actually Neymar’s penalty conversion rate is also not good.