Parents read this

Disclaimer :I am not a biological parent but I am a parent figure to orphans.

Following many bad things that have been going on in the society of late, I would like to offer parents insights I have gleaned from observing successful families and also the ones that are in trouble.

  1. Praying for your children. No matter how good your kids maybe the devil is never happy with a God fearing and successful family and will look for all ways to destroy your posterity. Like Job in the Bible make a daily habit of praying, prayers of atonement and protection for your children. You as a parent have spiritual authority over your children than anyone else. Make a habit of having a family altar where you can fellowship once a week at home. Also make a habit of having dinner together to pray and bond.

2)Do not isolate or vilify any child who is failing. Remember that all children especially rebellious and problematic children need parental unconditional love and acceptance. When I was growing up my brother was problematic and one day I asked my dad why he was not hard on him and he told me that a father or a parent must be like the Father of the prodigal son.

  1. Have one on one dates with each child. All children want to feel loved and special. Especially the rogue ones. Regardless of the child’s behavior, make a habit of doing birthday dinners or outings for them, but them gifts for their birthday, surprise them with a nyama choma outing by themselves, when you travel bring them a gift, individual attention is very important in building a child’s self esteem. Growing up both my mom and dad would take me in dates and it really helped me have a sense of belonging and self worth. If you don’t pay attention to your children, there’s other nefarious people waiting out there to take advantage of the gap.

4)Be involved in your child’s school work and know your child’s close friends and associates. With the type of dangers in society like occult and orgies, it’s important for parents to be involved in their children’s lives. Parents that are too busy get rude shock later after the child has already become a drug addict or a devil worshiper.

5)Build team spirit by involving your kids in your business ventures and any of your projects. This shows you believe in the child and it also keeps them busy bcz an idle mind is tempting to the devil. Young people who are involved in the family business and projects are more responsible and less problematic than the ones who are not involved.

6)Always set a good example for your kids. Kids learn from your behavior more than your words. If you womanize, drink and smoke or abuse your wife, you are hurting your kids by setting a bad example. You can not have moral authority to rebuke your kids when you yourself are not living honorably. Always push yourself to be a good example in all areas of life, so that your kids can learn from you.

Always remember that your greatest and most important investment is your child. Make time for them and love them no matter what. Don’t give up on them and don’t reject them when they are problematic. It’s a passing phase. Children need your love more than you can imagine. If you give them love based on their behavior you will push them to wrong arms in search of love and acceptance.

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My adopted son became a Mormon not so long ago , trust me I know what it’s like when your kid is going in the wrong direction but you pretend like it’s nothing because they are more important to you than their mistakes. I have never uttered one negative word though I totally disapprove.