Parents avoid black sheeping your errant kids

When I was growing up I noticed that my dad would never side with any outsider including teachers against his kids. He would be on your side in public then you would face the music for your mistakes in private later. Parents if you shun your black sheep you are pushing them to wrong hands. Kids need love and acceptance and if your kid exhibits signs of mental illness please get them committed and treated. Don’t ignore and pretend like there’s no problem. The mom should have had this boy committed to a psych ward for medication after he reported his parents to the police for bewitching him, instead of dismissing the claims.

This is now the second murder case I’m hearing of from Mt. Kenya Uni. Could there be a cult in the school.

Trust me there are cults in all the tertiary institutions as this is the best place to win over the souls of the young and confused people… I watched a documentary in the UK of the Freemasons targeting University kids and even waiving some of the fees for them to join… so, yes! I bet there must be some cult operating around there too!

The lady looks like a dude.

Jojina, I am beginning to think she was quite instrumental in all this. Mmmmmh…

That’s what everyone is saying. Ama the guy was gey?