Parastatal director living hand to mouth? Dry fry artists Kujeni muone vile maisha huwa ngumu courtesy of children's court and baby mamas

You can dry fry chicks all you want, and be dragged in court for child upkeep from different mothers, but that does not mean you should not learn basic rules of managing your money. Yenyewe a fool and his money are easily parted. This man does not know how to manage his finances.

…. Story copied from the Star…

[SIZE=7]Consultant seeks Sh200,000 child upkeep from parastatal director[/SIZE]

[SIZE=5]In Summary [/SIZE]

[B]•Sitati according to the affidavit is married and has two children with his wife.

•He also states he had another child out of wedlock in December 2014. [/B]

The estranged lover to communication consultant Njeri Thorne has said he is not able to pay Sh200,000 for their child’s upkeep.
In an affidavit, Wambembe Sitati says he can only raise Sh30,000 for food and upkeep for the child.
Sitati is currently a non executive director at KenGen serving his last year of his three year term. The subject child was born out of wedlock arising out of a mutual short term relationship.

He says he does not have any other source of income at the moment on account of non renewal of his contract.
He claims his family is in the process of moving house to Nanyuki to enable him manage maintaining them as Nairobi will present a challenge in light of his lack of employment.

In an affidavit, Sitati’s monthly expenditure stands at Sh320, 156.
Sh75,000 goes to house rent, Sh68,000 to Standard Chartered Bank for a mortgage, Sh50,000 to another child he is supporting, Sh21,000 to domestic help and the rest for catering basic needs.
“It is therefore clear that I cannot be reasonably expected to meet the subject child’s expenditure at Sh200,000 per month as sought for by Njeri.”

[SIZE=5]Sitati claims he is living from hand to mouth on advances and borrowed money to cater for all needs not to mention that he has been listed by several facilities at the Credit Reference Bureau.[/SIZE]

“The demand by Njeri is unreasonable. But I am ready and willing to contribute Sh30,000 for food and upkeep for the said child,” he says.

“I would be willing to contribute the school fees and related expenses at a school of my choice once the child is of school going age,” he adds.
He also says he is willing and ready to enrol the child in his NHIF medical scheme adding that maintenance is not meant to be punitive but reasonable and within his financial capability.
Sitati according to the affidavit is married and has two children with his wife. He also states he had another child out of wedlock in December 2014. He is supporting that child to the tune of Sh50,000

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Njeri Thorne is lawyer and her family is quite well off. Popular twitter feminazi.

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I can confirm that life in these streets since I ‘ignored’ the smelly snatch you refer to above has practically become a breeze…

I can also confirm that said director is applying an old & beech-proofed tactic of verifiably appearing unable to meet such superfluous demands by intentionally overcomitting his official pay & getting himself CRB-listed here & there over stupid amounts like a K…oh, he’s doing just fine. In point of fact, he should’ve moved in for the kill by offering 10K la sivyo mtoi she aishi naye. Apana tambua beeshes kortini…been there & it always works.

what about his reputation ?

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