pangani girls

Back in the day late 90 s there was a story i heard many times . that a girl gave the watchie slices others heard about it .To keep quiet about the story , watchie had to take slices from many girls .As the story goes watchie sneaked into the dorm at night ,he screwed so many girls that he apparently died from exhaustion.

Heheheheheh… The same story ilikua Nyabururu girls

tupe hekaya

it was told the watchman died with a big smile on his face.

It was Gathirimu girls wherever that is in the cownty.

the watchie did not die of exhaustion, apparently there was a stampede as some girls could not wait their turn , he was crushed to death with a big smile on his face
at least that’s what I heard

that makes more sense I have doubted that exhaustion theory for long

Any and many girl only schools have that story told of them.

Die hard.

Golden gloves won by the young fisi

He ‘came’ and went at the same time…how lucky

:D:D:D…gathi whaaattt?

No he did not die of exhaustion or stampede, one girl got selfish and decided to ng’oa transformer for future reference, he bled to death. That’s what I heard.

Muharo news.

You guys are funny. @fired, how did u think about such a nifty hekaya?

ukishindwa kutamka unasema tu ‘ndera ngahike’

quote credit @Wakanyama 2016

I’ll give you a 5.7 for that one

He died a hero having had a 20some.

pia not forgetting the former tricah girls in Thika the same thing happened

I was in pango but those were pure rumors, nobody I know who was there has ever given me a first hand info.