palmela sacco

dear palmelans, distinguished wankers, those who take matter on there hands (literally) a new member in need of your advice. any input valuable will be received with utmost regards.
After a session with my fap bank en successful jerk my member becomes painful for hours after, my question en plea, is it normal how do i control it? akhsanteni TUG’S

hi jst call ur female friend and toa suruari
mkono inakaa hivi, lenga


I am no expert in wanking, but maybe you relax the grip. Apana shika Johny ni kama umeshika jembe.


@kush yule mnono mawaidha yako yanaitajika babaa.


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you have Norwegian crust

Please stop wanking. It is solely responsible for your massacre of engrich.

And a wasted generation

what do you mean? si its there, kwanza when you quote you just click the image and see its url

Kwani ni yako ndio unashangaa nani amekupiga picha


@phobe09 hii mambo kujia srowre, vyenye uneambiwo hapo juu kuwa gentle. Before you start wanking osha mikono na warm water and soap preferably ndetol to remove stains. Next wipe your willy clean and gently apply arimis ama vaselina. Sugua rhythimically till imwagike. For more info read the label on the back of the arimi mbottle.


are you saying quarry and other manual (no pun) workers should never make love to their hands?

how do you maafakaz upload pics bila watermark???

@kush yule mnono:D:D umenijenga!

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get masturbation gel( whatever that is)

Hi Kush!

junkie fagget … you’re one slow maafaka. si I told you to use hotlinking

suck my gonads biach