Pale U.K, Theresa May Faces A Vote Of No Confidence Today

Wanasema that’s the biggest defeat in a parliamentary vote, the previous record was in 1924 when a vote lost by 160 votes.
Don’t confuse this no confidence vote with the previous one, hiyo ilikuwa members of her party trying to oust her, this one is against the government and all M.Ps will vote.

In the last few years uk and usa have been experiencing toxic political infighting. Incidentally the world has experienced relative peace when they are busy. Even the ongoing conflicts they found themselves engaged in are ending. Syria pullout is ongoing and they will do the same in Yemen. The world isn’t missing them.

She’ll survive

UK, France, Italy and Australia, mostly engages in wars that the US is involved. Germany will go to wars that are backed by the United Nations.
Now that, the occupant of White House is a peace loving man, a man who doesn’t wanna see countries and their citizenry destroyed.
European countries have no choice, but to cool down. Wacha wangoje Jeb ama Hilary.

British arrogance itawamaliza , colonizers will be shafted bila lube

A hard brexit is all they want. I heard one of them akidai eti May had not done anything worth, only kujishugulisha na stori za conservative party. In a different seating, another said EU needs Britain more than Britain needs EU. Actually, EU will come to tumble in the near future.

Naomba sana hiyo kiburi iwasukume and cause them to leave with no deal. Economic catastrophe pap.

Mau may

No deal Brexit loading… Walijifanya they can survive bila EU

When is Kenya getting out of Somalia?


EU will not fall as quickly as the UK juu wako na better economic growth especially Germany and France lakini colonizers will be shafted bila lube as the financial companies will shift to Frankfurt and leave London,UK has no top 50 company in the world na hio will start to affect economy yao na RBS yao