Pale America, California: Homelessness ‘at crisis level’ with uptick of 16.4% this year alone!

The US has seen a 2.7 percent increase in the homeless population this year, and California is leading the way, adding more to the homeless population than all other states combined, a new government report has found.

The report by the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) released Friday has laid bare the problem of rising homelessness that has been plaguing an array of states, but none of them has experienced a crisis of the proportions that one of the wealthiest states in the country, California, is now facing.
CNN will not show you this but will quickly report about a bicycle accident in Shanghai China[/SIZE]



Hawa huwaiti bonobo?


California homelessness is in all time high.

Frisco it’s damn serious to the level big shots step on fresh meffi coming from designer shops.

don’t they have families or ushago waende huko ? Why go the the streets when you have siblings

SMH! White bonobos

Hawa hawajafika bado. American politicians are talking about open borders to take in millions of migrant “families” who have no capacity (or even an immediate intention) to build (or even repair what has already been built in) the USA.

Majority of these people are drug addicts and hobo bums who want nothing else but shoot up drugs and sleep all day. However this is by no means an indictment on the country if immigrants, both legal and illegal, are able to come here and succeed. With the unemployment rate at 4% and “job available” signs literally everywhere, these bums have refused to find work and relocate from the streets. Can’t help everyone. Anyway, for ‘bonobos’ to equate this display of free will & capitalism to their version of **** hole that has no end is deceptive and laughable.

Trump has facilitated a policy known as “Remain in Mexico” and built a part of the Southern wall which has slowed down illegal entry by a lot.

@patco unaona shida ya capitalism. The richest state in America, rich enough to be the 6th richest country is home to the highest homeless rate in America.

Ndindu is a racist mofo. Ingekuwa blacks ungeskia akisema ati hawa wanastahili kupigwa risasi watuondokee

America does not belong to blacks. Blacks can think that it belongs to them but it doesn’t.

Wachana na bo-nobles hao ni chokora mapipa kazi yao ni kuvuta gum

I thot the maga train was all fine. Ama Hapa who is gonna be the scapegoat

Lazy matha fuckers, USA is the only country where you can work hard and be successful .A nation where the average worker can get a job/ jobs and work at least 12 hours a day and get paid,while in Kenya most interns have to pay to get work.

Capitalism ni mbaya? Try communism ndio kieleweke. Unless watu wageuke kuwa mchwa ama chungu, hakuna siku mtu atajisumbua kushghulikia kazi ya umati.

So they shit everywhere because of free will and not lackc of sanitation? Why do you feel compelled to defend with tired excuses? According to you, everybody in US is qualified for every job and you do not need specific qualifications for specific jobs. It is free will to be unemployed in US!!

You live in Montana or Wyoming. So many homeless people in Frisco are non of that. The cost of living is astronomical so osha tushosh pole pole hill Billy ville. Ulitoka ocha direct to states. It shows

But the root cause of homelessness is mental disability. Trust me on that one. There is an underlying mental condition on every one of those homeless people. Whether its onset by use of drugs can be an argument. But there is an underlying condition. Those who work with homeless people know it. Its not about being lazy.

Yep! There’s a job, even multiple jobs, for anyone who desires to work. For instance, the most blocked numbers on my phone are actually from job recruiters. They must be approaching 200, 300, maybe more. I lost count. Every day, they pester me with jobs, great jobs but I’m not interested. It’s too much. Speaking of qualifications, which ones do illegals, majority whom are illiterate and can’t speak English have? Millions of immigrants from all over the world as far as Africa and Asia willingly risk their lives daily trekking, anything, just to get in here for a piece of the American dream. Therefore these homeless hobos should be ashamed over their lack of initiative in the land of plenty. They must be arrested and sent to work in the vast, empty states of Midwest America, Alaska, the Dakotas. Here they are feeling entitled to year-round 70 degree weather and warm beaches. There’s a price to pay which they haven’t earned.

Why are they homeless can we start there?!

I don’t like alarmist news with no background info.

And I wont add anything else @Purple has pretty much summed it up.

Maybe I could that California is lead by Democrats from the mayor to the governor. California is a hot bed of liberals who hate Trump like a nonsense. Wacha tuone how smart liberal leaders are in getting things done.