PAL to NTSC Converter

If anyone happen to have a good working tv out to the US and found that its not working for you correctly.
Is because U.S. tv is on a NTSC system and Europe/Africa tv’s are on PAL system.
Here is a converter that solves the problem without trashing a good television.

Open an account with Aliexpress, which is a part of

I do a lot of shopping with them and have been very pleased when looking for adapters and other gadgets.

kwani we are watching VHS tapes that we need a NTSC/PAL converter?

Some devices can be switched between NTSC and PAL. If not you will need a converter like this one.
If the device can only run on 110v, just like this converter, you will have to use a step down transformer. 220-110v.

I have several pieces but why is it being sold at such a high price @ luthuli

Shop around on the Alibaba site and see the prices from different factory outlets. Be sure not to get it mixed up with the hdmi converter.
They almost look the same.