Women can actually lie… Download the attachment.

:D:D:D:D:D:D:D that guy ameona afadhali ajitoe mbio!


but that bitch has a fine ass!

@pamba always be on the look out mwenye nyumba asitupate.

Hahaha jamaa ametoka kijiko. You cannot go kuchew mkora kwake ukinywa mvinyo wa mumewe. Haifai.

Greatest risk in life for a man…kulula dem kwa keja wanashare na chali yake au bwanake.


Tattoo mpaka kwa matako. Hiyo ass iko fine

That dude has a death wish.

:D:D:D ile mbio unatokanga

1/ Never shag a woman at her house.
2/ If you do , the house must have a minimum of 2 exits , both lockable from the inside.
3/ If for any reason the door must be opened , make sure you are fully clothed at the other exit.

Happy Hunting …

:D:D:D:D:DWas about to be a 187!!

Irreducible minimum…

no 1 is just enough


ni nini mnacheka Cheka hapa.

Download the attachment.

woah!! death wish. i can never ever. afadhali a poko

Heey beaut

forgot to add though not my type fone charge died :wink: