Paedophilia is a human right. Says U.S Democrats.

[SIZE=5]Last year in California leftist lawmakers passed a state law that allows sex with 13 year old boys. This is coming to Kenya whether you like or not. That California bill is called SB 145.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=5]Once you allow homosexuality to be legal, even the paedophiles, rapists and necrophiliacs will come out of hiding and demand for their “rights”.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=5]What Masten Wanjala did will no longer be considered a crime but rather a crime of passion and not premeditated murder. He was simply exercising his sexual right with children when they died by accident. So instead of getting 100 years in jail, Masten will only serve two years.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=5]This train is coming. It cannot be stopped. Similarly once you legalize marijuana, the heroin and cocaine guys will demand for their rights to inject smack.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=5]In California paedophilia is now legal. Your child is fair game and their media supports it :[/SIZE]


New York Times . Paedophilia is now okay. 12 years is fair game.

[SIZE=7]Sashaying Their Way Through Youth[/SIZE]
Meet the rising drag stars of America. They’re tweens.

Desmond is Amazing is a 12-year-old drag artist. “I’m always fierce, fabulous and not playing video games,” he said. “I’m being AH-MA-zing.”Credit…Maridelis Morales Rosado for The New York Times

By Alice Hines
Published Sept. 7, 2019Updated Sept. 8, 2019
“I’m excited!” screamed Desmond Napoles, a 12-year-old drag star who performs as Desmond is Amazing, punctuating his enthusiasm with mild profanity. His eyes darted to his phone. Then he backtracked. “Don’t put that in. Don’t put that in.” He would soon be grounded from Snapchat by his mother for what she called “sass.”

Desmond and his mother would still make it to the object of Desmond’s excitement: DragCon, the convention hosted by RuPaul in New York City in early September. It would be Desmond’s third year in a row. He isn’t a different person in drag so much as a more outgoing version of himself, he said. “I’m always fierce, fabulous and not playing video games,” he said. “I’m being AH-MA-zing.”
From an early age Desmond was theatrical, said Wendy Napoles, his mother. There were dresses fashioned out of household items like recycled cardboard, ribbons, towels, Bubble Wrap. Once, she said, at a mall food court, Katy Perry’s “Firework” came on and he broke into an impromptu dance routine.

LGBTQPZ battalion

The fall of Rome started like this here:

Even the emperor himself was fucking small boys. It became the norm. And not even the volcano that covered Pompeii was warning enough. Pompeii was the most advanced city in Roman empire.

Closer to Kenya, there was the powerful Buganda Kingdom where the Kabaka made paedophilia legit. The older pages would hide the younger boys from the Kabaka and they were executed/ hackedto pieces. Today they are remembered as the Uganda Martyres.

This is not lgbtqia+ this is paedophilia. Normalizing sex with children. The kids are the target.

The don’t want a 24 year old ga.y toy boy, they are after the 8 year old boy or even younger.

If you think this is a separate movement then you aren’t paying attention.
The PZ at the end is pedos and zoophiles… Now that they have successfully mainstreamed the homos they will use the same tactics to mainstream the other two groups.
In a few years time you’ll log into ktalk and find people here defending them the way they are currently defending homos

I thought the P was for what they are calling Pansexual but alas if it is for Paedophile then hivyo ndio mambo iko.

There is also I for incest and N for fucking dead bodies. Necrophilia. Na wanakuja na maubaya sana especially in weird mzungu countries like Sweden. Those ultra liberal mzungu countries where everything goes.

Giving faggets rights is like opening the flood gates.

The agenda was paedophilia from the start. Children is their easiest target

acha tu nicheke…

i wonder why you people are shocked when you chose to leave your ‘inferior’ african culture so that you could be ‘civilised’ like the wazungu you worship… isnt this what we wanted , 'to be as close as possible to the colonialists and as far as possible from our ancestors ? ’ …sasa tuna complain kwa nini …it’s a one package deal , kama si hivyo , mtakula sanctions :smiley:

[SIZE=7]…wake up nyinyi wazungu waafrika , watu bure kabisa[/SIZE]

Pale kazini tumeambiwa when we introduce ourselves to patients we should also state our pronouns.
“My name is papol and my preferred pronouns are she/her” in order to normalize these interactions.

When you deliver a child, don’t say “it’s a girl!” or “it’s a boy!” Instead, say the baby has a “vulva” or “penis.”

i didnt think this pronoun and lgbtq stuff was here to stay …nilidhani they’ll give up and life continues…nikama LGBTq and all the other liberal stuff are going to be part of our normal lives in this century !