Padlock hacks

Bearing in mind that padlocks efficiency nowadays does not depend on price, is there a way I can buy a relatively affordable tri-circle padlock and have it modified by fundis such that master key doesn’t unlock it.
I overheard somewhere the info in bold,any experience and/or more info?

Cunt relate I use biometrics

Only the large genuine viro can resist bumping

Have been considering buying padlocks with biometrics…


I’m particularly interested in something related to padlock modification by fundis as I aforementioned,any link to the thread?

In high school, we had a few lads who could “modify” the Tri-circle padlock. They used a hack-saw to cut it open and customize it to be opened by a given key. But that customization affected the quality considerably. Ilikua inafunguliwa na several other keys.

Ukiingia paree youtube ucheki lockpickinglawyer utajua makafuli ni useless. Weld mlango alaf utumiage grinder ukitaka access:D

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Padlocks za siku hizi ni Bure sana. Hata mimi natafuta padlock mzuri Ile Niko nayo nikama hii (siamini)

I’d rather a good padlock than any biometric. Very easy to hack. Especially fingerprint ones.

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There’s not a single padlock in existence that can’t be picked.

No thief picks locks. The use a trial and error bumping techniques.

Only Israeli MulitiLock passes the test.
Banking vaults and armouries use Israeli locks
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Hizo locks za China akina Mindy, Tricycle fake British Yale hazitakusaidia

And the cost of such padlocks ranges in the upwards of 18k each. They can only be bought at a specific government outlet. Kuna jamaa naskia alipoteza padlock kama izi za gava akaenda kununua ingine. As he was being attended to by the vendor, alistukia polisi wamefika wakaanza kumuuliza where is he intending to take the padlock to. He wasn’t allowed to purchase one even after saying he works with gava. He had to abort the mission

So if the story is indeed true, why does this outlet operate a physical shop where people can walk in? Where exactly are these padlocks used in gov premises? Ama ndio ile wao husema someone is locked in?

Hizo kwanza zimejaa kenyan market

Stop engaging an empty debe.

Strong rooms with confidential/classified materials, armories, containers located within security establishments etc. Kuna hadi smart padlocks of this kind that send signals whenever they are opened or someone tries to tamper with them. I have never understood the stringent control by gava on these locks.