p.ussy in prison


Najua gayloard @T.Vercetti will subscribe to that only fans page

That’s a lot of lotion to waste in a prison setting where everything is scarce. So you’re supposed to do that every time you miss pussy? Why not just spit into your palm and polish the pole?

gayyyyyy thread with gayyyyyyyy comments

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Yaani ata kuna felons onlyfans…

Anyway, I am sure kuna wengi huku who will disagree that this is the method used by felons to ‘get off’

Expert in getting off share your insights

Even convicts have onlyfans :smiley:
What a time to be alive.

I am long an advocate of Open Prisons…

Jail Time is NOT meant to De-Humanize you but to Correct and Modify your Criminal tendancies…

If Prisoners have to resort to this level of gratification , … what does it say about us …??

Homosexual tulia.