P Diddy

Imagine getting Fuvk You money in the 90s and staying rich to this day. I am starting to think that P Diddy is just being framed by people whose services he used in the past. Diddy’s problems escalated the moment he paid off Cassie.

If you get rich and have fun with all types of sex workers and gold diggers, at some point a bitch will decide to file a lawsuit to extort money from you. Ukimlipa then the remaining 500 will smell blood like sharks and also file lawsuits. Most of these “victims” are greedy gold diggers who traded their bodies for quick cash.

Ukiomoka stay away from hoes. Its always some hoe shit that brings Gs down. The likes of Bill Cosby, R Kelly, Diddy, and Andrew Tate etc. Its always a bitch or bitches with seller’s remorse who claim they were trafficked, abused, or raped despite consenting and receiving cash payments for their services.

Right now if you get rich enough, some bitch you smashed thrice in 2012 whose name and face you cannot remember will conveniently claim that you abused her, especially if she thinks there is the potential for a huge settlement. Wadau, especially birrioneas, take care.


Hiii shit ya lawsuits iko Tu huko majuu coz ya woke culture here in Kenya Malaya hawezi jaribu kuangusha a billionaire let alone a thousandnair

Unatumiwa Tu text drop the case or else utapata mama yako na siblings living huko nyahururu in so and so area brown gate red mabati with their heads missing…Kesho yake the case is dismissed

Obado still walks free even after killing Sharon his pregnant side chick kwa sababu alithreaten kuangusha boma yake


Bill Cosby was using rice to rape those women

The rest partook in the escapades and realised they can use the court system in uncle Sam land to get rich quick


Hehe US maswara zinakufuatanga 30yrs later after ulisahau hiyo risto na uko retirement. That place is crazy. Not a hiphop fan but wacha kimrambe. Looks like he was taking advantage of the vulnerable. Ukiwa US na uko na ma fetish na wewe ni billionaire…fly out to a sex tourist country and do all the shit you want.

It all used to be the same hapa pia. Life changes and evolves. if you always take advantage of people because you can manipulate the system your way just do it knowing things change with time… those you step on will take it but will be watching for that window of opportunity for payback. When that time comes, you will pay!

Have you heard of KARMA?..Hata kwa Bibilia they say “Malipo Ni Hapa Hapa Duniani”…

All these guys used their money as power and stepped on some toes. Time caught up with them and they got exposed by their former slaves. :smiley:

Karma is here now and it’s payback time.

Hakuna being framed hapa. He was careless. If he was calculating enough he could have seen what the higher ups did to Irv Gotti and Michael Jackson then act accordingly.

He’s propped up by the jooos.


Aren’t you also in the habit of taking advantage of vulnerable girls who cannot afford to buy shoes?

You stuff a petite chic (@Gaines’s sister) with your dick usiku mzima. Yaani the chic screams usiku mzima alafu in the morning you give her 2,000 to buy white panties and sandals.


Ameanza kusema Diddy killed Tupac and Biggie. Hapo ndiyo niliwachia.

He did. It’s been known for years


Ona maneno sasa. I believe Shyne already served time for the crime. Anyone smelling money is crawling out of the woodwork.

Diddy is being accused of crimes he supposedly committed decades ago. At that time he was probably like Obado today - untouchable. Just because you feel safe today doesn’t mean you will be safe from prosecution in 2050.

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What is he being accused of really? Jamaa hasn’t been charged. Would Diddy would leave evidence of trafficking in his house? Jamaa is too smart for that. They caught his supposed drug mule with drugs for his own personal use. The jamaa bailed out with $2.5k. Sasa is this something that warrants a swat team? Yaani he didn’t even have a supply for a party of 3 people…

What really happened is the producer tried to get money from Diddy. Diddy akataa. So this guy filed a civil suit. To pressure Diddy kumrushia settlement, he threw all kinds of names into the suit. Diddy still declined. The Feds used that lawsuit to convince a judge to sign a search warrant, hoping to find drug paraphernalia in his homes. But wakazikosa. To further pressure him, they’d handcuffed his kids. Hadi wa Leo hawanakitu. Come back a year later, Diddy will be a free man.


Maneno ya disgruntled hoes aside. Wewe huoni shida kwa hizo allegations za watu underage both male and female. Hizo video he supposedly records for blackmail etc. mbirrionea ange tafuta a roster of hoes who love the lifestyle (and are of age) aache maneno mingi. But being a low IQ nigger, lazima ange self destruct eventually.

Lakini pia anarae underage men mikundu bana

Unasema Nikiwa birrionaire. Lanye wote wa calabash watasema Niliwa rape

Diddy’s case is more complex than that, I believe. All these problems have manifested more after he refused deals with akina Diageo and some other big company. Almost similar thing to what happened to Kanye after he spoke against jews.
Diddy is possibly guilty, but his case is being accelerated by some powerful individuals.

Kijana Leo uko river road ukitafuta lanye ama umeenda kanisa

P. Diddy’s predatory behaviour (both sexual and in business) has been discussed for decades by black celebrities. But trust negroes to claim a grand conspiracy every single time. Deyz just tryna keep a brutha down!


He was told to put ye down like a dog and he failed. Hii juuu masters got angry and they’re slapping him a bit for his incompetence