OZOA the country with heads full of sperms

Huge Wage bill +Inflation + dearth of health facilities+ ballooning debt +Covid aftershocks and still the Ozoans sing the ‘snake’’ tune … Who cursed these scums of the earth?

Increased representation = increased taxes

Increase allocation= Increased taxes

The Ozoans will die poor because of their foolishness

Unataka wafanye nini? BBI is a government project. Best you can do is vote NO and hope your vote still means anything here in Uhurustan.

have you ever scrutinized what kind of tax people pay in socialist countries pay ?

Remember Ozoa is not a socialist state it is a capitalist state

I’m guessing that taxes will not necessarily increase. What might happen is that less money might go to other sectors and intead be channelled into salaries.

E.g. KURA, KENHA, KERRA might get reduced funds to upgrade or expand their respective roads. So if by now lami zao hazijapita karibu na kwenu prepare, mtangojea sana kabisa. Perhaps watoto ndio watazipata. Wewe just tegea barabara za county za murram.

I could be wrong, but either way, it will not be good for the ordinary folk.