Ozil moves to fenerbahce


Si erdogan alisema asikanyage turkey.

Arsensl really wasted this nigga. Hangetoka madrid

True, his partnership with Ronaldo in Madrid was perfect.

On the upside he was pocketing over 50m kes per week at arsenal tho

Mesut ozil when fresh from real madrid to arsenal was top notch let me support this statement with a fact.
In the 2015/16 season when leicester won the premier league it lost only 3 games the whole season (2 both home and away defeats to arsenal and one to liverpool)

I believe upto today this was the season which started lowering ozil’s hopes season after season till he was reduced to playing yes, moments of brilliance yes too but not with the zeal and determination as before.

The two games leicester lost to arsenal, arsenal won 5-2 (at leicester’s stadium)

And 2-1 at emirates, arsenal stadium

I always say mpaka leo this was the season ozil was the strongest and arsenal had a strong squad (obviously not matched with the invincibles) but title contenders. Form ya ozil ilideep with lack of arsenal purchasing players to replace wale walituwaste that season (likes of mertesuucccker and oliver twist giroud:mad: Arsenal did not have the financial means whatsoever so we cannot blame it on arsenal wasting ozil to some extent. Kama hakuna doo hakuna doo. Cheza na players wako na upambane na hali yako, period!