overrepresented & overgoverned

Sub chief, Chief, MCA, MP, Women Rep, Senator, President…you at least have 5 leaders at the grass root level to ‘provide developments’. But we all see them rushing campaigning or going to ‘work’ amidst people that have voted them in and have been wallowing through the same shiet year in year out. Then they talk of “we’ll work together” as if it’s an option or a favor they are doing to you n me. May be we just need 3 people good in delegating…maybe. my thoughts

Unataka sub shifo na shifo wa kwenu ndurika wakufanyie nini apart from kutatua kesi ndogo ndogo na kukamata wewe ukipiga bibi?

Honestly baboun alituenjoy na hii new constitution.

Siipendi kapsaaa!

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we don need 2 people for that…na sijaongeza village elder, nyumba kumi chairman…

These should be the conversations we should be having but people here are just tribal and see people by their ethnicity

I actually see things abit differently. Africans are communal people and we also have a high population density. I used to throw shade on mca’s but when I was in Kenya I got the chance to meet my area MCA. Those guys work damn hard infact if you’re not a people person you can’t hack. In any given day he has to condole bereaved families (mashakaya), contribute to school fees, hospital bills, rent, church harambees and a host of other community problems. They have a very big impact at the grassroot level. I think the biggest problem are their overinflated salaries and allowances…those should be reduced.

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This hand outs habit is probably the worst that we face with our leaders at all levels …they can solely provide a long term solution to go towards assisting hospital bills, school fees and the rest.

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Do you even understand the functions of an MCA, you penisless idiot? What you just described is a charitable person. They should come up with policies to seal those problems.

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we don’t have a high population density. We’re just dumb


Are you sure hukuongea na sitting MCA August 8th ikiwa weeks/days away?

Nope it was after elections. After what I saw, I said even if I was nominated on a silver platter with all the perks wacha ikae. People really misuse MCAs na hadithi mingi za abunwasi while expecting handouts and a shoulder to lean on at any time of day or night. They somehow expect the mca to solve all their problems na wao nikukaa tu!

Ongeza Ward administration and subcounty. Most useless people, some come to the office asking for favors but can’t solve a simple case, they forward cases to subchief and the likes.
Stupid buggers.

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