Overcame running procrastination

I have had a one month of no physical fitness. I froze my gym membership in the beginning due to a little travel, but when I returned back two weeks ago, I just bummed and procrastinated running.

I planned to go out for a run/walk at Karura on Saturday, but those plans were sabotaged by nonsensical stuff. Nonetheless, I did it this Sunday evening. Although my initial plan was to go to Karura forest, I ran out of time and instead chose the Runda area route - Ruaka road, from Limuru road all the way to Horse Shoe Village and back. (A really decent stretch).

I am glad I finally did it, so in the next two weeks, I will hit the gym/run to get my body ready for hikes at least once or twice a month, beginning next month.

No greater feeling than going back to fitness things.

Mbisha ya physical fitness ikwom saa huu

Ata effidense ya running shoes could be accepted

Brace yourself for some cool scenic photos once I start hiking again.

Good going, hapa niko almost 2 years since I worked out, tumbo nayo!

I once was an avid fitness enthusiast. I also joined running groups like urban swara and hash harriers, but lately I am really struggling, but more of mentally than physically. If you go hard in the beginning, you will always bounce back easy after a hiatus and just can’t leave without it, at some point.

Live*…why can’t we edit typos? :stuck_out_tongue:

Am looking for a hiking partner if you open to it.

Aunty wa harrier mambo:D:D

I am in groups already, so you could join us instead?

I am no longer running with them. Can’t bother with marathons anymore.

Osungu.dll nasumbua wewe.

Psyke. Nipate Karura on Saturday mornings. 12Km round trip.

Hash Harriers…was my thing when I was a young man. Do they still operate from Railways Club?

Nope, they map out different terrains that are more accessible by most runners and prefer Monday runs. Last time I ran with them was in Kileleshwa, but I ran with Urban Swara for a longer period.