Outclassing The Primates

For those who read history,and those who read conspiracies,for those who read religion,accusations of heresy and inquisitions…we should drown some and yet quarter others…an attack on a people who could not fight back.

Can some one please explain this?


Ngoja wakukutirie



Bado wamelala


Woah… these days anyone can just add the prefix ‘Dr.’ to their name. She’s very fluent in horseshittery.

And all along I thought these were luo phrases!
I must be very slow!

Si hata harambee tuliambiwa ni demonic.

achana Na porojo mfuko Wa manii. Tibim has no meaning.


It is, praise Ambe

tibim( together in building irresistable movement

whoever coined that and put it on the internet…