Out to finish peasants

Just received a text from a ‘kamiti wannabe’, and it’s all about giving money money money…targeting the youth…
I looked at it, realised its just upuss and deleted, but after, i decided to check out the website itself. Yenyewe those conniving fellas have really perfected the art of conviction.
To the undiscerning eye, it looks legit.
tovuti inajiita nowpesa

Check out the team…

Nothing peculiar there… So i did an image search on Monica Ndeche (of course it had to be her)…
And i landed here kwa Project za Musa

Hata kama, huyo ni Mkenya kweli? And the rest of the team anyway ni bonoko
And i can bet so many young guys will fall into that trap.

Ndipo nikauliza, kwani hakuna chenye serikali inaweza fanya ili kujua kama hizi biashara za mtandaoni ni halali au ghushi? Hii wizara ya teknolojia kazi yake ni ipi?


how do they go about conning with this?

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My guess, the trick is here… After you’ve filled in your details, they will call you and convince you to send a little money for some sort of activation…or something similar.

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hehehe hata location ni

Third Floor, Yaya Center

very ambiguous

hii nayo someone has really put in time and resources… my guess is he will give out a few loans kufunga watu macho after conning the initial applicants to make seed money


Kabisa. Plus hiyo namba ‘they’ are saying it will be used to call…0799…

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They are going to reap big. Ama ni yule hacker ame upgrade wenzake.

Acha kuharibia @dark massai unga


Since we overtook your team umekuwa csi mkali sana…will inbox you nkishuku empress wa me

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Hata wacha nisome hekaya za Maasai giza; sijazipitia…

Tangu mpate hii trophy ya wenger umeongeza madharau sana. Mkujie namba yenu…

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noma sana. hii na desperation inabidi umeingia box

meanwhile am loving the vibes on this track by mzito @2pac



@denis young njoo uone website iko hadi na https. Kweli criminals wanaenda digital.
lakini izo images a quick glance will tell you si Kenyan. no need of reverse searching


Stock images :D:D:D

huyo dame ako na job mingi sana lakini nguo na pose ni moja:






Lorem Ipsum placeholders…hehe
Hii kitu ni so obvious ni fake. Website yenyewe najua ni template. Stock photos. Floor na ata hakuna office number…hehehe…si watu wanatia bidii kwa wizi…

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This is the sort of initiative I wish Kenyan youts had. Yaani hii ni product ya Silicon Kamiti™? when so called techies at ihub and co are playing with themselves, real men of action are creating innovative business models to power our digital future. How can I invest in this business?

Enyewe image search imeokolea mraia kubwa siku izi

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Asande. Nitawaanika mkz.