our volleyball superstars

[ATTACH=full]9175[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]9176[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]9177[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]9178[/ATTACH] The girls have done it again, beating hosts Australia 3-1 in the grand Prix Group semi finals…tomorrow we meet Peru…God be with the beautiful girls…

on the same note, i always confuse these two ukuyus…Janet Wanja and Jane Wacu (JW2)…who is who?


wote ni JW na wako timam

Mi nataka kuona beach volleyball

Wacu is the wife and wanja is the hazi;)


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Doing Kenya proud despite poor recognition of their achievements.

Are you serious?

Ndi serious ta ngui ikimia.:cool:


wee… wacha!

Wacu = pic 1, wanja = last 2 pics

unsung heroines

They shud be one of the richest sportswomen in kenya…bt they aint, too bad for them!

Now through to the finals




I understand somebody like Jane is a mere prison officer

Sasa ona!

And what’s wrong with that. Catherine ‘the great’ Ndereba despite her achievements remained a humble prisons officer and there are many others.

[ATTACH=full]9242[/ATTACH] And the winners are:


What do you mean by “mere”?
Hii matharau ya Wa- Africa really gets on my last nerve;, Who the fuck do you think you are to call someone a “mere prison officer”!?
You are where you are by Gods grace not because you are better than her or anybody else. I hope life teaches you a lesson on "mpanda ngazi hushuka" because your mom obviously didnt teach you how to respect other people. Bure kabisa !


Kijana natukana afande. Nigger she as achieved more than you could ever achieve in ten lifetimes. You are a mere fishmonger for fuks sakes!