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Humans should understand their place
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  1. Evolution is not mean to explain the origin of life, but is meat to explain the current diversity of life and adaptation, as well as why some species/variation survive and flourish while others become extinct. Evolution just says that no species came into being as it lives today. Its just “evolution” like the word suggests.
  2. Evolution isn’t meant to be for the good of humans or any one species(here we go back to egocentrism where humans view themselves as the only creatures living).
  3. Humans arent the ultimate adaptation and other animals such as monkeys aren’t meant to evolve into humans(that is religious egocentrism about human species).
  4. Evolution isnt about creation of the universe and certainly has litle to do about basic existentialism.
  5. humans are not the centre of universe as they often think and not everything is supposed to be about them. They are infact a microscopic activity in a very huge process
  6. The world isn’t supposed to make humans happy

Perhaps the following passages put us in our place



Very well put

We tend to think that humans are the pinnacle of evolution but we arent:
[li]We can only comfortably survive in a very small range of temperature without use of special suits or jackets[/li][li]We cant hold our breath under water for very long[/li][li]Puncturing our skin is way too easy[/li][li]We dont move very fast relative to most of what would be our natural predators[/li][li]We constantly need water or we die[/li][li]We are so susceptible to a wide array of microorgasnism that would kill us in a matter of hours[/li][li]We have no natural self-defence mechanism e.g venom, horns, claws, exoskeletons[/li][/ul]
The best thing we have going for us is our brains

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Very true back in high school a certain prof gave us a speech of how everything we touch,read everything mbeberu touches, we destroy and how we shouldn’t be singing about saving the great pandas and the planet rather saving ourselves,the planet will live on after we’ve left…but back then i couldn’t see his way because I was a born again christian waiting for jesus to come take over his kingdom


Hii ni ujinga ingine that I equate with religion…

Ongea werevu tuskie

My opinion on matters of source of life and truth is that just like chicken or cows have their limitations on brain capacity, human race is not an exception hence as much as we are very knowledgeable we too have limitations one being to ultimately know how the complex universe started or created for that matter. but we still live in full denial of the same. just like the Buddhists has it you better concentrate on immediate life existence otherwise thinking too much beyond is futile and unimportant.

humans should evolve into orangutans or gorillas