Our CUNTry Is Finished

AVOID paying tax if you can, because even of you pay it will not benefit you as intended.

  • FVCK this garbage of a government, lipwa cash chini ya meza na badisha bidhaa kwa bidhaa whenever possible
  • Kenya Ports kuna Scandal wazimu inatokota as we speak
  • NCPB kuna ingine bwaku zaidi
  • Health pia kunayao kubwa sana. No Vacines, No salaries for COs but kuna pesa za kukodesha ndege, no mosquito nets

Every time you spend you will pay VAT. Zoea mapema

Na kujenga presidential pavillion for 1Billion that no other president saw any reason to build. Plus of course renovating all state lodges. Yet we are told to live within our means by these shits.


Then why tax raw materials then again tax the finished product?

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And now every government facility is either replacing furniture, cctvs, systems or cars kwanza MoH kenya power and kengen. All tenders are going to one community.

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It’s what Kenyans wanted. Those who voted UDA


Watayarishe mapaja, mkwaju waja.

Tax raw material
Tax packaging material
Tax finished product
= Exit manufacturer

Mjinga mwizi muuaji Ruto thinks he is the wisest man to ever have lived in Kenya. Yeye haambiwi na cabinet meetings zake yeye haambiwi wala kurekebishwa. Mbwa inafaa iwekewe arsenic kwa Mursik


Nowadays, I just scratch my balls, wank and RELAX.

The jambass suffers from Duning Kruger effect.

Pokot hatulipi taxes wadau. Nganganeni na hali yenu pole pole bila kusumbua. Patriots hapana tambua kitu inaitwa governance like the rest of u cunts. Anybody with a problem is more than welcome hapa ground for a duel … we settle that point of honour hadi heshima idumu.

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This what comes into my mind whenever your shit appears.


Given a thousand more lives … I will always choose to be a rustler for infinity. The love I have for my people is limitless and unmeasurable. Unbounded by space nor time. I rather die than be anything else.

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Sema you just enjoy exploiting their poverty and lack of opportunities.

Can you show us evidence ukiwa ground huko Tiaty ama kapedo ukiwa na akala na ak 47 ndo tukutambue . Ile siku watagutuka Wakuone for the pest you are utafinywa

Kenya being run like County Government of NBO

Bullshit. I don’t have to validate myself to you or anyone else.

Currently we have an acute shortage of vaccines, ARVs, antibiotics etc