Otieno Gerald from Rich Gang Kenya finally arrested (jopap)

GERALD Otieno who was wanted over the Gold scam has been arrested; DCI Kinoti says brand new Bentley and Porsche seized. [ATTACH=full]237973[/ATTACH]

si ile porsche ya yerrow

Funny guys with real generational wealth (billions) can’t buy such luxuries, but a guy who has conned several 100millions for the first time will buy cars worth 30million. Owning such cars and you are in your thirties and from a humble family, is the same as screaming everywhere I am a thief.




It’s Jared Otieno not Gerald.


His house in Karen, worth 110 million, he has another one in Lavington.

even if I were a billionaire, I’d have these three cars as my every day rides

  1. 87’ Nissan Skyline R-31
  2. 86’ Toyota Chaser GX-71
  3. 84’ Nissan Bluebird B-910

but hey, to each his own eh?

Whom did he con?

they are too impatient to properly launder their loot… cockiness or ignorance? no idea

Depends on the name on ID

These are the people i will really want to see after 20 or 30 years. Hawa ndio wasee life huwachapa proper, wanarudi back to basics in a very humble way.

Hujakuwa ukifuatilia the gold scam involving Zaheer Jhanda and others?

Digi hii upus umetoa wapi? Hata DCI hawajaweka such news

Some Saudi prince relative

Magari hayana airbags ndio utachagulia mbirionare? Huu ni ufukara

I thought hizo zilikuwa fake news because I saw some thread here mentioning politicians in that scam.

Hii noma juu ya noma.

Chief, mimi ndiye DCI, early morning operation, [ATTACH=full]237979[/ATTACH]

this picture says nothing

Not fake mpaka Don Bosco Gichana, the one who gave Baba a hummer yuko kwa mix.

Digi chapa waks