Hae guys.I joined this forum like 3 months ago and one thing for sure am greatly amused by how good people are especially in the grammar usage.What are the possible measures to undertake so as to even be half as good as the majority here?Honestly language has been my major setback thus preventing me from posting.I got loads of hekayas i’d like to share with you guys.I can read and understand English perfectly well.Sentence construction is my major problem.Thanks in advance

You have come to the right place Mr…ehhh what was your name again yeah Mr@Ching cheng , In fact we take care of our new guests and show them around here. Please since it’s late please lay down on this bed as our nurses give u a massage. Our physician Dr.Atwoli will be with u shortly…

so please may u…
on phone with Dr, Atwoli
Hello Dr. @Atwoli , kuna mgeni hapa…harakisha!!..ehhh ndio ni nyama freshy…eeeeh nisha muonyesha…eeeeh yes yes ameshalalia…ati askue na haraka…ok ntwambia Daktari
Phone call ends

So be comfortable Atwoli is on his way

Kabla upewe massage na @Atwoli hapo juu, usiogope. Weka hekaya. TATA haiwezi ua mtu. All you will get is a bad case of Tetanus (TATAnus).

you have done very well with this post except the opening “Hae”. feel confident to post your hekayas; the worst we can do is to point it out and we all laugh about it as we learn and improve.

Ati Hae guys…
Fumigation muhimu.

Since doctor Atwoli cant be found just wait kidogo hapo 254 clinic for M.D @Web Dev

@IamsoGothIShitButts wiĺl also take good care of you. TLC

After you massage feel free to get your blood flowing with a friendly swordfight with the local maestro @Wakanyama

Hae NV! XaXA?

Just drop your hekaya as is no warranty, or revert to yesterday’s handle.

Joe Public sang ‘You Got To Live N Learn’
Scumbag says ‘You Got To Read N Learn’

Pamba leta hekaya ama unyamaze

Kuna bro yako anaitwa @wong,mtafute mujuane

Mzee joe Public ni nani mimi najua ile wimbo ya one republic tuuu


The lowest rank so far kuingilia huyu msee Ni VE. Naona VS wawili wame comment. Nangojea ES.

Simple and fast solution, and on a very light note, consult the master himself aka @gashwin who has an MA in English and linguistics from Cambridge university, word on the street is that he is so good he has a running consultancy with the Queen of England to keep bringing her up to speed on matters linguistics

then after that book an appointment with the enforcer one @introvert so that he can review that you mastered what the sage taught



Jincheng Jangli ngotea Bingwa.

Takataka Swidfil Makende will attend to you shortly after your swordfight with master sensei @wong

Apana jali kizungu, wekelea hekaya kijijini @Ching Cheng