Osiany will be the next Luo Kingpin

There is no one else to take over after Raila, Raila can’t vie after 2027, … this guy Osiany will actually have a very good chance of entering statehouse in the 2030s, he seems like a very reasonable man, he doesn’t engage in cheap tribal politics and has solid credentials …

Those are the exact qualities that will ensure he probably doesn’t get that far in kenyan politics. A kenyan poitician can’t have those and if he does and wishes to go far, he must bury them deeply under a very thick, hard layer of sheer barbarism.

We are weary of tribal kingpins.

Ngoja uskie scandals. He looks like a fellow with a few skeletons in his closet. Vijanaa wamasuti hawakosagi visanga. You guy my guy si you jua my guy…

Akina mheshimiwa @Sambamba .

Ni mtu wa Raila, he worked in the Prime Minister’s office and you know how many scandals were cooked there.

Empty debe syndrome is most evident in anyone who talks about kingpins and/or uses the the word “kingpin”.

You haven’t learned one or two things about Kenyan politics. Kenyans love the scum of society, the misfits and brutish thugs. That is why in 2013, for instance, they elected a duo accused of committing crimes against humanity.

Upuss … Odingas will endorse Jaoko Odinga (my friend and predecessor ivy league sch huko canash) after being properly groomed na njaruoa kama kawa watafuata amri. Either sides of the coin nanukisha kitunguu bado.

What makes you think Raila can’t view after 2027

Kenyans don’t care about your qualifications all they care about for you to become their leader is “ume enda matanga ngapi ?” & how funny are you on the podium not silly things like your policies on health, education, food security or public debt !

Banae hii maneno inafaa ikome . We need people who will help Africa as a whole . People who will unite us across borders not that kingpin chieth.

We all want that but but ignoring the reality of kingpins is just like burying your head in the sand

Raila will be the ODM candidate hata akiwa kwa life support.