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[SIZE=7]Porn addiction is a massive epidemic in men that society is choosing to ignore.[/SIZE]
Porn is being promoted as positive and a sort of ritual for men these days. Its deemed by most as a positive pastime and to critique it will be met with scorn and many will see you as against sex positivity for doing so. It is seen by many as a private hobby with no harm to most, except some complaining about misogyny towards women in porn.
However, as growing amounts of evidence show porn is having immensely negative effects on men. Many are becoming addicted to something encouraged and as safe by society. Men are having problems performing in bed with their partner, reduced libidos, fetishes they did not previously have which cause shame, seeing women as sex objects solely, having to watch more intense and degrading and even violent porn to get the same dopemine hit.
Many men are also attaining erectile dysfunction where they cannot attain an erection without porn or even with porn. Studies into when people first locate porn shows most boys begin watching at around the age of 9-10. The beginning of their sexuality is being distorted and twisted in their formative years when they are vulnerable to an addiction they have no idea about. There are also studies showing that porn consumption causes anxiety and depression in its users.
There are literally hundreds of thousands of men now coming forward, largely on the internet due to the stigmas of this addiction with their stories. How has this been received? Well as a joke. An ex porn addict went on tv and told a presenter telling him his addiction did not exist that his penis could no longer get hard. Academics researching this area have been mocked and ridiculed for their research.
This problem is only getting worse and if not addressed very soon will probably become one of the greatest concerns for our society on a social level. It will possibly reach an epidemic proportion as men in possibly their millions will be addicted to something very, very hard to quit and the assistance in fixing this issue will be very difficult and very expensive.
If you are a man who has a positive relationship with porn then thats fine, but this post is to show the unpopular opinion being ignored by society.
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How much porn is too much

Urongo mtupu.


Make up your mind. You talk about porn being poison, the you turn and say a man having a positive relationship with piison is fine? This kind of talk is expected from metrosexuals and such kind of people who dont want to make up their mind what they want to be… Bash an opinion then imply support of the same the opposite in the same breath

@nerveelectron ,Boss !!! Ferk you talkin about? Tulianza nopo ya Vitabu tukaingia VHS saa hii tuko cloud. Sexuality has never been distorted,tumejaza niglets corner zote,size ya duduu ikiamka ni ile ile if not being overtaken by saggy scrots when dormant. Hawajafanya studies on africans,wazungu ndio wenye shida.white man’s problems require white man’s stupid intervention…kama hio yako hapo juu