Orson/Orwell or Classic/Charesse case shaping up to be the case of the year

My fellow crime talk aficionados, ukistajabu ya firauni utaona ya Musa. So the case of Lori Vallow who had her late brother Alex Cox kill her husbands and her 2 kids JJ 17 and Ryan 10,bury them in Chad Daybell, her current husband’s backyard was shaping up to be the crime of the decade.

Alas blacks never want to be left behind in matters crime. A black mother who is a drug addict has her boys taken away from her and given to a black man in his early 20s and his wife. The 2 have no money, no jobs but have 2 biological children and adopted 4 children under the age of 10. Welfare queens have nothing on this couple. Did they sell these 2 boys? By the way they changed the names of the boys, to the first 2 from the 2nd 2 given by their biological mother. Being gangster the family of the biological mother is threatening to kill the couple who adopted the missing kids. What I can’t understand is how not even the FBI can crack this case. Drones all over the Mohave desert, the army is helping with ground search, 2 bodies of minors that are burnt beyond recognition was found in Tijuana. DNA testing is ongoing. Without a trace. Damn.


Adoptive parents presser


Check out the body language. Exactly the same. This nigga done sold these poor kids.