Origins of the word Harambee

The contentious debate is back as a petitioner now wants the word ‘Harambee’ inscribed on the Coat of Arms replaced with ‘Kenya’ in a petition filed in the National Assembly. Harambee originated from Indian laborers building the first Railway line from MSA to KSM. I don’t know the meaning but it has to do with Hindus. There is also a Hindu god called Ambe Maa and some of us have seen trucks with the wording Jai Ambe.

Should we get rid of it like the way we did with old currency?

Harambee ndio imechangia ufisadi Kenya.

ufisadi is a character flaw. greed is a character thing. the corrupt do not steal so they go give it in harambees.

Why don’t we edit/correct the country’s name from Kenya to Kirinyaga? Or change it altogether to a more indigenous name, say like Nyanza?

Hehe … meffi


Ule governor alishikwa na bangi Marsabit ni kama aliachiliwa, case seemed weak